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12 Second Commute Opportunity and Affiliate Program

This affiliate program is not available any more.

Please join LeadsLeap instead

12SecondCommute is another great opportunity and affiliate program.  Absolutely no investment required to start and you can stay free for as long as you wish. What is good about this program? In short, it gives the marketer all the IM tools necessary to succeed in online marketing. No other online opportunity offers such a complete set of marketing tools in one place as this one. If you are new to internet marketing, you should know that IM tools allow to collect, organize and manage sales leads, which are emails and other contact data of potential clients. So tools are vital for online business.                                      

Internet Marketing Tools

As a Free member you get an autoresponder for 1000 leads. This autoresponder can be set up very quickly an doesn`t require any knowledge on your part. Actually, you just enter your name and email fo r replies. You get 31 referral pages which are indexed by search engines and can bring you leads and sales any time. The referral links contain you username and as you collect leads, they are directly loaded in your autoresponder.

  You get about 50 capture pages with which can promote any business or affiliate program. As you promote your main program, the leads you capture are loaded into the autoresponder for follow-up messages . So you can promote 2 programs at once without any additional effort.

  If you don`t have any business to promote, 12SecondCommute can help you to find one as they give step-by-step instructions on finding a good program. Daryl Graham, a professional marketer and the founder of this brilliant program, offers his impartial opinion on the selection of the right business.

 Autoadvertising  service allows to get referrals to this program on complete autopilot.

  URL Tracker: Track your advertising campaigns to see which advertising resource is better.

  Conference centre: communicate with other 12SC members, discuss ideas and ask questions.

  SEO tools help you to optimize your web pages to reach top places in search engine results.

  Over 600 training videos to get you familiar with the latest techniques and trends in online marketing.

  URL rotator is invaluable when you need to promote several programs at once.

  Contact manage which allow you to organize your leads and export them into a file.

  You own blog with the library of articles on internet marketing.

   All these online tools are a must for any internet marketer who wants to succeed in his business, so it is to your best interest to join 12SC and the more so that you can start for free. These tools are easy to use and extremely effective. They are all in one place, completely ad-free and will satisfy all your online marketing needs.

  There is also an upgrade to this program which costs $14/month but in the first days after joining you will be offered a one time upgrade for $47 which is valid for a year. This is certanly a bargain as such valuable tools as this program offers can cost you hundreds of dollars in other programs.             




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